Our ministry as a community church is more than just supplying a facility and a minister for a wedding. We wish to be personally and meaningfully involved with couples considering marriage by preparing them for their lifetime commitment to one another. We want marriages to grow as honest, faithful, and loving relationships as God intended.

The guidelines have been created to answer many of the potential questions you may have about planning your wedding here at Grace. Please read this information thoroughly. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.

What therefore God has joined together; let no man separate." 

Matthew 19: 4-9



Weddings at Grace Community Church are Christian worship occasions. All details of the event should be planned with this in mind.

- Wedding dates may be reserved up to one year in advance for active attendees/members and up to nine months in 

   advance for non-attendees. Weddings generally take place on Friday nights or Saturdays, concluding by 7:00PM.

- The pastor and the church secretary will establish confirmation of the tentative wedding date after a wedding

   application is received and approved.

- Upon confirmation your deposit is due. This will hold your chosen date on the church calendar. It does not mean that

   the church is obligated to perform the wedding just that the date has been reserved for you.

- If there is no damage to the church property or equipment, or any excessive cleaning needed, the deposit will be

   refunded to you within 30 days after the wedding. This will be up to the discretion of the wedding coordinator

   and/or the church custodian.

- Generally our facilities are not available for weddings performed by outside pastors. Exceptions may be allowed with

   pastoral staff approval. Such weddings are subject to the availability of the facility and personnel.

- Our main hall has a maximum capacity of 250.

- There is a grand piano, organ, sound system, and media operator available for an additional cost. 

- Not all rooms are air conditioned.

- Presently, our facilities can accommodate a wedding ceremony or reception but not both, unless the reception is set

   up a the rear of the Fellowship Hall. The set up for the combined wedding and reception must be done ahead of

   time so the reception can immediately follow the wedding ceremony. Exceptions will be considered on an individual

   basis by church staff. 


- Marriage Preparation is a required part of the wedding process. This may be done through an approved outside

  professional counselor or by our own instructors. (arrangements for outside counseling must be made independently

  and approved by our Pastor.)

- The cost is $75 and it includes the inventory workbook , and taking of the inventory which is administered on-line.

   Please make your check payable to Grace Community Church of Seal Beach.

- Materials covered in the Marriage Preparation included: discussion of the couple's strengths and growth areas, as

   indicated by the PREPARE inventory, family history, various handouts, and homework assignments covering

   emotional, sexual, and financial issues, as well as biblical/spiritual issues related to marriage.

[Note: If you or your fiance have been divorced or you are currently living together, an appointment with one of the pastors is necessary before a tentative date is placed on the church calendar]


- We have wedding coordinators who will work with you and answer any questions you may have pertaining to your

   wedding. The wedding coordinator may be canceled on an individual basis for weddings of 40 guests and less which

   will be decided by the church staff.

- Our wedding coordinators are here to help make your wedding day proceed smoothly and to be a s stress free as


- Your coordinator will meet with you to go over the details for the wedding. At all times the wedding coordinator is in

   charge of both the rehearsal and the wedding day and will be there to coordinate them.

- For any questions, problems, or concerns regarding the wedding/reception at the church please DO NOT contact

   the church office. Instead contact your wedding coordinator. She will give you her phone number and email when

   she meets with you.



- Generally, rehearsals take place on Friday nights.

- The officiating pastor may or may not be at the rehearsal.

- Rehearsal dinners held at the church are reserved for church members and regular attendees only.

- Rehearsal dinners are limited to three hours, which includes on hour for the rehearsal, as well as any set up, clean up,

   and decorating.

- There is an additional charge for the custodian and wedding coordinator.


- The officiating pastor must approve all music.

- If you are in need of a pianist or organist, the church may provided one if they are available the day of your wedding.

- Soloists may also be available upon request for a reasonable fee.

- A sound technician is available for the wedding ceremony. Services include: providing microphones for soloists and

   the minister and playing CD's which are provided by the couple. 

- Sound operator not available for parties under 40 people.

- PowerPoint presentations need to be cleared with the officiating minister.

- You are responsible for putting together any media items.

- You will need to get your media presentation into the media operator no less than 2 days before the ceremony to

   make sure all items work properly.


- If the reception is going to be at the church there is an additional deposit and room charge required.

- The deposit will be handled in the same manner as the wedding deposit.

- The reception should start within a half-hour after the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.

- The reception should not exceed three and ha half hours including clean-up.

- There will be an additional charge to the couple, which may be taken out of the deposit, for extra time.

- The wedding coordinator will be at the reception to oversee the activities, help the caterer know where to set up,

   and inform them of what items are available for their us in the church kitchen. If needed, the wedding coordinator

   may be available to assist in the cake cutting. She is not responsible for decorating the reception hall or cleaning up

   after the reception. The couple must designate people to do this for them if they will not be available themselves.

- The custodian will set up the tables and chairs the way the couple would like for the reception. After the reception

   he will put the tables and chairs away.

- If you will be using sound equipment or powerpoint for the reception, a sound technician and media operator will be

   needed for it's operation for an additional fee. 

- The sound technician will not as a DJ, meaning playing music in a specific order throughout the course of the


- Background music can be played as long as the couple provides the prerecorded music.

- Since the church does have neighbors, we ask that the music not be too loud.

- All lyrics shall be appropriate for a gathering at the church.

- Appropriate dancing is permitted.


- We ask that red punch not be served.

- Only designated people are permitted in the kitchen area. The kitchen must be left the way it was found.

- Decorating for the reception is limited to one hour before or after the rehearsal or two hours before the wedding.

   Please arrange this with your wedding coordinator.

- All decorations must be taken down within two hours after the wedding or the reception.

- The church is not responsible for anything that it does not own.


- Our custodian will set up the chairs and equipment needed for the ceremony. His services DO NOT include

   decorating the facilities or removing decorations after the ceremony. This responsibility lies with the couple and can

   be arranged with your wedding coordinator.

- Decorating must be done within church guidelines.

- The church is not responsible for any items used to decorate the facilities that do not belong to the church.

- We have many items available for your use during the ceremony (e.g. candelabras, unity candles, a kneeling bench,

   wicker baskets, or pillars for floral arrangements, etc.) We also have tables and chairs available at no additional cost.

- It is acceptable and appreciated if you wish to leave a floral display from your wedding ceremony for Sunday's

   worship services.

- Flash pictures may not be taken during the wedding ceremony, as this is very distracting for the pastor, as well as the

   couple. Please make sure your photographer, family, and friends are aware of this policy.

- Videotaping is permitted but must be done discreetly and with natural lighting. Video equipment on the platform

   must be unmanned and concealed. 

- The balance of the fees is due two weeks prior to the wedding date.

- Communion may be observed at the wedding provided that the Bread and Cup are made available to all Christians

   at this worship occasion.

- There is no smoking on church premises at any time. If you wish to smoke you must be at least 25 feet away from

   church property.

- No alcoholic beverages are permitted on church property with the exception of Champagne for the "wedding toast".

- Rice, confetti, birdseed throwing, bubbles and/or the release of Mylar balloons are not permitted on the church

   property. The dropping of flower petals are only permitted in the church facilities by the flower girl during the

   wedding ceremony. 


Non-Member Fee's


                                             Ceremony                 Reception

*Deposit                             $150                          $200

Main Hall                            $275                         $300

Wedding Coordinator       $300                         $275

   Wedding Rehearsal        $100

Sound Technician              $150                         $150

Media Operator                 $150                         $150

Custodian                           $150                         $150

    Wedding Rehearsal       $100

Pianist/Organist/Solo         $150 each

Officiating Minister             $250-350

Marriage Preparation

     Materials, Premarital Inventory      $75 (payable to GCCSB)

Church Member Fee

                                           Ceremony                  Reception

*Deposit                            $150                            $200

Main Hall                           No Charge                 No Charge

Wedding Coordinator      $300                          $275

    Wedding Rehearsal      $100

Sound Technician             $150                          $150

Media Operator                $150                          $150

Custodian                          $150                          $150

    Wedding Rehearsal      $100       

Pianist/Organist/Solo       $150 each

Officiating Minister           Bride/Groom Discretion

Marriage Preparation

     Materials, Premarital Inventory        $75 (payable to GCCSB)


Contact the church office (562.596.1605) for more information or questions on the items listed above.

To begin the process of having your wedding or reception at Grace Community Church please fill out our 1st Contact Form.