The Wave 3 Vision - WHy are we doing it? 

To Enhance Community Presence

    The exterior of our facilities communicates a message that does not reflect  who we are. While our ministries are thriving, our buildings look run down and outdated. Improving the appearance of our buildings will demonstrate a desire to make a positive contribution to the city of Seal Beach. Many people enjoy our lawn area during the week and this promote good community relations.

To Improve and Increase Access to our Facilities

    Wave 3 includes improvement that increase handicap access. Ramps that conform to current building codes will aid those who use wheelchairs and parents using strollers. Wave 3 creates an identifiable entrance to the worship services. Currently first time visitors often attempt to access our facilities through the North Church Surfside Chapel only to find themselves in the youth ministry. 

To Enhance the Usefulness of our Patio Area for Ministries and Fellowship

    Flattening the patio area and removing the fence  we will effectively double the useable size of that area. This is especially needed because we use our "Fellowship Hall" for worship.

To Create a Safe and Attractive Play Area for Kids

    We want to make Grace a kid-friendly environment. Providing dedicated play equipment on the lawn will promote our ministry to children and young families. Currently our "tombstone" sign is the only thing they can play on, and that's not a safe option. New landscaping will also provide a buffer between the street and the lawn. 

To Make Needed Repairs

    Wave 3 includes the replacement of the roofs on both buildings, which have been leaking. New roofing that matches will also enhance the appearance of the buildings as well.    

  • How will this affect me?

    Phase 1: The breezeway between the buildings (Jan-Feb)

    The breezeway will NOT be able to be used during this time of construction. It will be closed off. The stairs to the Cliffhouse Room outside will not be available. The OffShore Room will be the first thing to be changed but should not affect any groups on campus. Access to the Nursery/Toddler Rooms from the breezeway. Please use the door in the Lobby.

    Phase 2: Front Patio Areas and Lobby (Feb-May)

    The front patio areas will be blocked off and access through the front and the breezeway will be limited or completely cut off. This will be the most challenging section of the project, but we'll make sure to have signs and people out to direct you into worship. 

    Phase 3: Large Lawn Area (May-June)

    There should be little to no impact on you or any ministries other than that the grass area will not be able to be used.

    **Note: The information above is based off of approximate beginning and end dates. Items may be changed or extended due to weather of problems that may arise. We will keep you updated as we know more.

  • Frequently asked questions

    During construction, will we still be able to come to Sunday worship services?

    Yes. We will have worship services at the normal place and time throughout the project. There may be certain weeks where a specific entry is unavailable, but we will help you find you way and maintain a fire safe entry and exit plan. 

    How much is it going to cost?

    Our total project budget is $860k. We have already seen about $300k donated. 

    Who is doing the construction?

    We are using a well-respected, local general contractor firm (Bremco). We went through a bid process, and felt that Bremco was the best fit for our church. 

    Do we have all the permits?

    Yes. We have received approval from the city and the Coastal Commission. 

    What is the oversight process from our church?

    We have populated a "Wave 3 Implementation Team" with members of the congregation with backgrounds in construction and project management to work with the general contractor firm. 

    What about the bike racks? 

    During parts of construction, the bike racks will be unavailable, but we will be reinstalling them under the stairway to the Cliffhouse at the end of Wave 3. 

  • Brick Fundraiser

    Click here for more information on the Wave 3 Brick Fundraiser

  • How Can I Help?

    We are funding this project through pledge gifts. If you'd like to support Wave 3 financially, please click here.