Care and Counseling

At Grace we have a wide variety of ways to help in times of need.


God has commanded us to carry one another's burdens. Stephen Ministry is one effective way we seek to carry out His command. Stephen Ministry provides one-to-one care to individuals 18 years and older who are experiencing many kinds of difficult life transitions, losses, or grief. Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of initial training as well as continuing education and peer supervision.
To find out more about Stephen Ministries check out the website at:

To find out about receiving care, contact Pastor Steve Williams at the church office.


Pastoral care for couples and individuals is provided by our church staff by appointment. Contact the church office at or by phone at (562) 596-1605.


Premarital counseling is conducted by our staff. We utilize the "Prepare" Inventory from Life Innovations, Inc. as our assessment tool and use it as a framework in our biblically-based feedback sessions. Normally we conduct five feedback sessions. More time may be given to couples forming a new step-family.

Support Groups may contact the church office at