New To Grace?

We are thankful that you found us and hope you’ve been encouraged by our ministry.

Our Welcome Lunch is a free, family-friendly environment where we can enjoy fellowship together in an informal setting.  You'll get to meet some of our leaders in addition to others who, like you, are new to Grace.  If you're wondering how you can get connected to what God is doing among us, this is a great place to start!

Each Welcome Lunch is from 12:15-1:15 pm in the church library (2nd floor of the main building) and ends with a tour of the facility. 

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What's Next?

Grace 101 is the name we’ve given to our pathway to membership.  So, whether you’re committed to becoming a member or just checking things out a bit more, Grace 101 is a great place to get to know people, learn more about the beliefs and ministries of the church, and what it means to follow Jesus with others.  

We offer Grace 101 three times a year and it includes the following:

Part 1: WHO IS GRACE? (11:00 am in the church library)

What do we believe about God, the Bible, the Gospel?  What ministries do we put time and energy toward and why?  Come learn about this local church who has been serving Seal Beach for almost 75 years!  

Part 2: WHO ARE YOU? (11:00 am in church library)

What’s your story?  What spiritual gifts has God given you to be used to bless others?  Who are you “in Christ?”  Have some fun learning more about yourself and where you best fit in the Grace family. 

Part 3: WHO ARE WE TOGETHER? (11:00 am in the church library)

Take another step and become a member of this local church.  Meet with a leader to   

share your testimony and find out more about what it means to commit to others   

here at Grace.  

Grace 101 dates in 2018

  • January 21, 28

  • April 15, 22, 29

  • September 16, 23, 30

Email Pastor Tim to sign up for the next Grace 101.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory (in preparation for Part 2: “Who are You?”) - HERE